Living A Balanced Life: A Myth?

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Living a balanced life means considering all aspects of your life: spiritual, relationships, career, business, fitness and health, and emotional well-being.

God's plan and intention is for us to have and live a balanced life.

I've met and I also know lots of Christians who are prospering in their spiritual lives while every other area of their life is nothing to write home about. These set of individuals go to church on Sunday, pray like their whole life depends on it (which it does actually), sing and worship God with all of their strength. But when Monday comes, it's a whole different ball game of mediocrity, nonchalance, laziness and procrastination.

As much as you are focusing on spiritual growth and maturity, you should also focus on growing, prospering and excelling in your career, business, family, finances, relationships, health, etc.

A lot of times, we focus on just one or few areas of our lives. We put in lots of time, energy and effort, go the extra mile to make sure that we stand out in these areas. But while doing this, we neglect other important areas because we feel that they don't really matter. And because of this attitude, our life becomes imbalanced. Which isn't God's plan for us. He doesn't want one area of our lives to suffer at the expense of the other.

Imagine putting your spiritual life and your career on a weighing scale. You spend so much time in the 'secret place' praying and seeking God's face, you study His word, walk in His ways and abide to His instructions. But when it comes to your career or business, you feel you don't need to put in much effort. Your commitment and dedication begins to dwindle. You have this mindset that you have prayed and things will definitely sort themselves out. But this isn't how it is meant to be. Life is based on principles. Without these principles, there's no way you will be able to succeed in life.

A balanced life involves every area of your life. Your relationships shouldn't suffer because of the career you are chasing. Your family shouldn't suffer all in the name of pursuing spiritual growth and maturity. Your health shouldn't be at the mercy of your financial prosperity. You should always strike a balance.

Pray like your whole life depends on it. Work like your whole life depends on it.



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Asanga Agape

Asanga Agape


I write on God, my faith, personal development, self-discovery, self-improvement, etc. I also share lessons based on my life’s journey and experiences.